Social Media Strategy Template 2019 June {Guide}

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  1. Define your starting point.

Prepare a SWOT analysis

Research your competitors

Conduct a social media audit

2. Specify your target group.

Check out who your content resonates the most with

Get familiar with relevant survey reports, statistics and trends

Create at least a few personas

3. Set the objectives and KPIs.

Establish your expectations, as well as specific goals and KPIs.

Examples: Engagement rate among your target group;                 CPA: CPC, CPL, CPS; Reach; Referral traffic to your website.

4. Pick the right communication channels.

Be where your target group is

Get familiar with the requirements and unique features of each platform

Set up “missing” accounts and improve existing profiles

5. Choose the best communication lines and content formats.

Decide what and how often you’re going to communicate

Try to pick different content formats for each social network

Define your brand attributes (if any)

Useful tools: Canva, Crello, Easil, Biteable, Recast Studio, Splice, Oodls, Kaboompics.

6. Designate the tasks.

Define your social media workflow

Decide who is responsible for what part of the whole social media content strategy

Take advantage of dedicated tools to ease collaboration

7. Choose the right social media management tool.

Think of your needs first

Set the criteria and do your research

Test out a few different tools

8. Organise your content properly in a calendar.

9. Maximize your reach.

Use other marketing methods to complement your social media strategy

Examples: Invest in paid campaigns, use retargeting, team up with influencers

10. Analyse the results and constantly optimise your social media strategy.

Decide how you’re going to track the results

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